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 Vil Du Lage Ditt Eget Spill??

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Antall Innlegg : 42
Age : 38
Localisation : Larsgården, Aalesund, Norge
Registration date : 22.12.2006

PosteTema: Vil Du Lage Ditt Eget Spill??   Fre Des 22, 2006 12:36 am

Ey... E drive å lage mitt eget spill, å e tenkte at kanskje andre åsså har d som et mål engang, så e legge ut basis stega på ENGELSK her:

Make Your Own Computer Games and Sims

Use Stagecast Creator to design games and sims. No experience necessary.

Have you ever had an idea for a computer game and wished you could create it yourself? With Stagecast Creator, you can.

*First, design the game on paper or in a graphics program. You can also make a storyboard in the program. Here are some questions to ask and things to plan before you start:

*Design your characters
What pieces or "characters" will appear in the game? A character can have several "appearances." It can face left or right, look happy or sad, and be open or closed.

*Make the rules
Decide the rules of the game. What will each character do when the user is just watching? Characters can move, make noise, change appearance, and do things to other characters. Each character can also wait for the user to do something before it does anything.

*How to play
How will the user play the game? Will keys such as arrows and mouse clicks make certain characters do certain things?

*Levels and stages
Most games have levels. If you win one level, you get to try a harder one. Each level should go on a different "stage." Each instruction screen, help screen, and scoring screen is also a "stage."

*How many stages will your game have? What will the user have to do to get from one level to the next?

*Determine how big each stage will be. How fine or coarse will you make the square grid on which the characters move? You specify all that information in the Stages drawer. Also, specify a background color or import a background picture here.

*Use the standard 32x32-pixel grid and character appearances for your first game. All stages should be the same size. Once you make one or two games and master Stagecast Creator, you can venture into trickier areas such as nonstandard size grids, characters, and stages.

Get your characters and backgrounds ready. Use small pictures for character appearances and small or large pictures as stage backgrounds. Paint simple pictures in Stagecast Creator or import GIF or JPEG images, including clip art and digital photographs. Import any sound effect you'd like to use.

*Setting the stage
Go to any stage. Create a new kind of character, such as a pirate or a space ship, and place it on the stage. Paint or import the first appearance of that character. Paint or import more appearances at any time.

*Multiple obstacles
Use Stagecast's copy tool to make multiple character images. The tool looks like a rubber stamp. For example, if your game has only one superhero but a dozen mountains that the superhero has to climb, make two types of characters: a superhero and a mountain. Then use the copy tool to stamp out 11 more mountains.

*Know the rules
Once you place some characters on a stage, it's time to teach them the rules of your game. Program rules by demonstration, showing characters what to do using the mouse. Whenever a character is in a particular situation, it will perform the actions.

*Stagecast Creator has a built-in tutorial called Learn Creator. Make your first game in one or two hours.

*Imagine playing a game where a frog catches flies. Say you want a rule that any time a frog is on top of a rock and a fly is two squares in front of the frog, the frog's tongue extends. Then the tongue and the fly disappear, followed by a satisfying burp. This is what to do:

* Make two frog appearances: "sitting" and "eating." The frog's tongue should only be out in the "eating" appearance. Although your frog may have other appearances, such as "hopping," they won't take part in this rule.

1. Using the right button on Windows, or command-click on Mac, press on the frog to show a pop-up menu of its appearances. Choose the "sitting" appearance for now.
2. Import a "burp" sound into the Sounds drawer.
3. Move a frog to the top of a rock by dragging it with the mouse.
4. Move a fly two squares in front of the frog. Move extraneous characters out of the way if their presence is irrelevant to the situation.
5. Click the Rule Tool and then click the frog. That means, "I am going to teach you a rule." A window opens called the Rule Maker. Move it aside if it is covering your characters. The stage darkens, the lines forming the grid become visible, a spotlight shines on the frog.
6. Use the four handles to drag the spotlight over the rock, fly, and frog.

*The stage is set -- you have set up the situation. Now you can show the characters what to do in four steps.

1. Switch the frog's appearance to "eating" so its tongue will stick out.
2. Click the delete tool and then click on the fly. The fly will disappear. Drag the burp sound from the "sounds" drawer to on top of the frog. The frog will burp.
3. Switch the frog's appearance back to "sitting."

Click Done in Rule Maker. You just made your first rule! Set up the situation again or click the Step Back icon for Creator to do it for you. Click Play to watch your rule work.

*Enhancing the game
Is the action happening too fast for the user to notice each step? Instead of doing all three steps in one rule, you may want to make each step a separate rule that begins at the situation the preceding rule left behind. This way, the rules will be more general, allowing flexibility, and the action won't happen so fast. In this case, any fly in front of a frog tongue will be eaten (steps two and three), whether or not the tongue got there in step one. Make the rest of your rules, one at a time. Try to be general -- it will decrease the number of similar rules you need to create.

Save each version of the developing game under a different name such as Frog 14. If you can't undo a mistake, go back to a recent version and start again.
Stagecast Download: [url]stage cast download: http://www.stagecast.com/cgi-bin/templator.cgi?PAGE=Shared/documentation/PRICING_CONSUMER0_92[/url]
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PosteTema: Eller!   Fre Des 22, 2006 12:43 am

Eller du kan laste ned program som RPG-Maker og Gamemaker!
Du har mindre muligheta men d e MYE enklere!

Regissør og Skuespiller!

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Antall Innlegg : 42
Age : 38
Localisation : Larsgården, Aalesund, Norge
Registration date : 22.12.2006

PosteTema: To Unprofessional   Fre Des 22, 2006 1:59 am

Gamemaker e for folk som ikke kan så mye, å e ute etter å lage pacman spill... Stagecast Creator e et mer professionalet program, som e lett å lære under veis... Prøv d fram!! Stagecast Creator e blant annet brukt på enkelte ting i World Of Warcraft (WOW). I første innlegget mitt i dinna tråden, der det står ''design your game on paper or in a graphics program'' e et av dei beste tipsa du vil få... først lag di ega bane å rollefigura, våpen å alle andre gjenstanda på tegneark (fåreslår at du skaffa d ei blokk), så kan du du ta d til et høyere nivå, å laste ned et 3d program som hete Sketchup 5. der kan du lage alt fra bygninge, fjell, gate å veia til skog, sjø å bokse... du kan tillome bruke en farge under kategorien ''windows'' som gjør d du fargelegge gjennomsikti! e fåreslår at du ikke bruka så mange av hovedfargane i sketchup til å fargelegge gjenstandane dine, mn at du importera farga fra andre bilde... importer bilde å fargefile fra GTA San Andreas, å bruk dem på dine kreasjona. Bruk ti på å lære d å bruke sketchup, d ekke bare å lage nokke å håpe på d beste. øv inn skillsa dine:P mn forhold d til lista ovenfor (første innlegg). Et anna program du kan laste ned, e Adobe Photoshop CS 2 Men Stagecast Ekke For Folk Som Vil lage et heilt spill. Ditta e bare sånn pixel fuck. Mn hvis nokken vil lære å lage et sjikkeli spill på BF2 eller Splintercell nivå, join ditta forumet her: www.gamemakersforum.aceboard.com Her kan du lære å lage egen engine osv.
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PosteTema: Re: Vil Du Lage Ditt Eget Spill??   

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Vil Du Lage Ditt Eget Spill??
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